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21 July,

He did not recognize the old woman when he knew she is his mother - Bad fortune of Tahmasb II

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Shah II Tahmasb was born on 3 December 1704 in Isfahan, the capital of the Safavid Empire. Tahmasb was the third son of Sultan Hussein and the 10th Shah. The life of Tahmasb was almost painful and badly. He lived in exile far from family while attempting to survive his life. Tahmasb was not famous Shah according to their personal qualities. In this article, we will briefly talk about the most successful and at the same time the most sad day of his life.

In 1722, Afghans led by Mir Mahmoud Hotaki defeated the military forces of the Safavid Empire in the Gulnabad battle and besieged the capital of Isfahan. Hunger begins in the city during the 8-month blockade. Near the end of the siege, even there were no street dogs in the city. Shah Hussein, with all the palace officials, went to the headquarters of Mir Mahmoud Hotaki and announced that he had withdrawn from power and leave his crown for Mir Mahmoud Hotaki's. In turn, it is promised that members of the dynasty will survive and will be treated with respect. As a result of the miserable occasion Tahmasb came to power. However, after struggling with the Afghans for 7 years, he can have real power.

7 years after this incident,Tahmasb escaped from Afghans and gathering around troops and military commanders like Nadirqulu khan Afshar (Nadir Shah Afshar) Fatali Khan defeated Afghans  On December 8, 1729 and returned his capital and palace Isfahan that he was born and grew up this place. Certainly, Nadir Khan was the main shareholder of Tahmasb's victory. Nadir defeated Afghans and entered Isfahan with Shah.

A Shah whose capital is under occupation possessing authority and power was impossible for Safavid traditions. Therefore, recapturing the capital from Afghans was the main target of Tahmasb. By Nadir's help, Tahmasb could now sit on his throne and declare himself to be the sultan of the Safavid property. Historians of the era claim that Shah Tahmasb walked toward the capital joyfully, and was impatient to reach the city where he was born.

However, a well-known historian, Hanvey said that Shah II Tahmasb’s joy replaced with grief" when he entered the palace. Tahmasb was disappointment when he saw nothing remain from his father’s palace. When the Afghans escaped, they did not carry empty walls from the palace. Another case that worried Tahmasb is kidnapping of his mother and sister by Afghans. Tahmasb enters harem in the hope of seeing her mother and sister, but she learns that her sister was taken by the Afghans. At this moment, an elderly old woman with an old slave dress run to Tahmasb with joy and embraced him. Tahmasi asked in confused condition who is this old woman. In the result of answer his eyes filled with tears. She was Shahbanu Halime Sultan that the wife of her father, Sultan Hussein, and her mother, the woman who gave birth to her. Tahmasb sees her mother in this state and his tears fall his face. At this point, he asked from Shahbanu Sultan, "Why are you in slave robe?"

When Shahbanu Sultan saw that the Afghans were captured Shah family she survived in result of slave wearing. Thus, Tahmasb faced great joy and terrible frustration on the same day.


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