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16 June,

Armenia should make a choice: Russia or West - International expert - EXCLUSIVE

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Russian expert Georgiy Fedorov in his exclusive interview with Eurasia Diary attempted to elucidate the purpose of the official working visit by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to Russia.
Let us remind, Nikol Pashinyan on 8th of September arrived in Russian capital Moscow to hold a meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is the second time Pashinyan arrives in Russia to have a meeting with Russian president. They had a long discussion on boosting relations between Russia and Armenia, common objectives and interests and Nagorno Karabakh issue as well.
Russian expert Georgiy V. Fedorov in his exclusive interview with Eurasia Diary shared his thoughts and clarified all the details of the visit held by Armenian PM. 
Georgiy Fedorov is an expert in politics. He is also the Chairman of the Movement "Civic Solidarity" and the President in the CSIS Aspect.
На данном изображении может находиться: 1 человек, на улице и часть тела крупным планом
Georgiy Fedorov- political analyst
Eurasia Diary presents the interview conducted with Russian expert.
1. Mr. Fedorov, what are your thoughts on the purpose of this visit. How can you comment this meeting between the presidents of Russia and Armenia?
The visit of the new elected Premier of Armenia to Russia was not accidental. Apparently, Nikol Pashinyan is playing his role, but first of all his talks with Vladimir Putin are dictated by economic interests. As head of the government Pashinyan now needs breakthroughs in the economy, and cooperation with Russia remains one of the priority directions for Armenia. We should not reject the geopolitical factor. Russia remains one of the mediators in the settlement of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. Moreover, most recently the President of Turkey Erdogan arrived in  Russia and,taking into account the influence of the Turkish authorities on Azerbaijan, one can assume that at the last meeting of Pashinyan with Putin there were also in the frames of closed negotiations.
2. We would like to underline one particular sentence in Pashinyan’s speech. He said: “We respect the principle of the sovereignty of Russia and Armenia, but we also do respect the principle of non-interference in domestic affairs of any state”. What do you think about it?
In this issue, the positions of Russia and Armenia coincide, and Pashinyan should have placated Russian society and the state by dispelling the fears about his radical views on the Russian-Armenian collaboration. The statement of Armenian Premier can be described as a manifestation of diplomatic courtesy.
3. What can you say about the relations between the EU and Armenia? How would you describe them? 
Armenia and the European Union have great potential for developing political and economic cooperation, and today there are all grounds to believe that the Armenian authorities are determined to mend (boost) the level of relations with the EU at least to the level of cooperation between the European Union and Georgia. The Armenian authorities are clearly inclined to European integration and will demonstrate their intentions to partners in Europe openly.
4. Can the rapprochement of such countries like Russia, Turkey and Iran affect the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh?
Of course, it is possible. Amid Armenia and Azerbaijan, a lot of parties were embroiled in this dispute. Naturally, the big regional players have their own interest in exactly how the final point in this dispute will be put. And Russia, Turkey, and Iran have considerable authority in the region and can exert some influence on the policies of their partners.
5. Pashinyan in his speech recognized 7 districts of Nagorno-Karabakh as integral part of Armenia and expressed non willingness in conceding N.K to Azerbaijan. Please, give your comment on this loud statement by Armenian PM.
Such statements by Pashinyan are more focused on the internal public, on the society of Armenia. He must demonstrate his authority to the people. However, in this particular issue, the personal position of the Premier of Armenia does not change the overall situation. Settlement of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh within the negotiation process is possible only if the authorities of Armenia and Azerbaijan are ready to sit at the table for negotiations and make concessions. The authorities of both countries (Armenia and Azerbaijan) must demonstrate their intentions not by statements, but by concrete actions that bring closer the final solution of this conflict.
Interviewed by Akber Bayramov 
Correspondent of Eurasia Diary 

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