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25 September,

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"Armenian propaganda envelops the world like radioactive cloud" - British journalist accused the West of pursuing a pro-Christian policy

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“The petition from the Centre of Truth and Justice is symptomatic of the lack of understanding of the realities of the Karabakh issue in the West”.

In his comments to Eurasia Diary, Neil Watson, the British journalist said these words while exposing the hypocrisy of Western public organisations regarding the Karabakh issue.

According to him, the state officials and members of the public organisations in the USA and European countries do care about the just position of Azerbaijan, and they have always preferred the use of Christian initiative in relation to Armenia and Armenians.

“First and foremost is the very real fact that Armenia is a monoethnic and monochristian country, and automatically the west sides with Christian countries. The fact that Azerbaijan is a multiethnic and multiconfessional country is mostly ignored. It is classified as an Islamic country, and the west and particularly western politicians and media are inherently Islamophobic. A pro-Christian and anti-Islamic stance is a very good way for politicians to gain votes. Furthermore, Azerbaijan being regarded as the "aggressor" by several forces, very much supports the prevailing rhetoric about Islamic countries”.

The British journalist also noted that the Armenian lobby has always been playing an important role in the promotion of pro-Armenian policy by Western politicians.

Foreign interference or community advocacy: Armenian propaganda in  Australia | Opinion

“It is impossible to overlook the impact of the Armenian Diaspora. They have enveloped the world like a radioactive cloud since 1915, spreading misinformation, lies and integrating themselves into every facet of business, politics, arts and media. Their rhetoric is the accepted narrative in the west. At the same time there is a lack of understanding and comprehension about the former Soviet Union in the West. Many members of the intelligentsia in the West know very little about the realities of contemporary Russia and the former Soviet republics, mostly due to the successes of Soviet propaganda. The Karabakh conflict was not widely reported in the West, and much reporting was inaccurate or biased due to Armenians in the media”.

Moreover, Neil Watson noted that there is the strength of anti-Turkic feeling in the West. He said that Türkiye and Turkic countries are regarded as a threat to some forces in the West and this sensibility is fuelled by Armenian propaganda.

“There is the fact that Azerbaijan is still not widely understood in the West in terms of geopolitics, religion and its rightful and legal position on Karabakh. Many works need to be done to counteract the prevailing Armenian propaganda and make the realities of Azerbaijan understood and to undermine Armenian integration into every aspect of society”.

Journalist Neil Watson added that Azerbaijan had only formed its Azerbaijani diaspora after regaining independence in 1991, whereas the Armenian diaspora had spread across the world for over a century.

"When Azerbaijan raised issue of Karabakh in the West, Armenian Diaspora had dressed up the Karabakh problem as a religious conflict in every western country”. 

By Yunis Abdullayev 

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