Azerbaijani FM calls on the international community to put pressure on Armenia -

4 February, Saturday

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Azerbaijani FM calls on the international community to put pressure on Armenia

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The international relations system is undergoing significant transformation, said Jeyhun Bayramov, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister at the international conference, entitled “Along the Middle Corridor: Geopolitics, Security and Economy”, reports.

According to him, in order to achieve stability, security, and prosperity, it is important to focus on the agenda of mutually beneficial cooperation instead of the mentality of geopolitical competition.

"After the 44-day Patriotic War, in the post-conflict period, despite the presence of several challenges in the region, new opportunities have emerged for cooperation and the establishment of sustainable peace. Despite the heavy consequences of the 30-year occupation, Azerbaijan is taking important steps to advance the peace agenda. However, Armenia's non-fulfillment of its obligations and continuous provocations undermine the process. Today, Azerbaijan is carrying out large-scale reconstruction and construction works in the territories freed from occupation. One of the most important factors hindering the work done in this direction is the existing mine threat. As stipulated in the Tripartite Statement dated November 10, 2020, Armenia has not fully withdrawn its armed forces from the territories of Azerbaijan and continues various military activities, including the placement of mines, in the territories of Azerbaijan. There is a serious need for the support of the international community to put pressure on Armenia and find a solution to the problem," said Jeyhun Bayramov.

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