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17 June, Monday

Russian journalist Yevgeny Mikhailov was accused of fomenting ethnic hatred - VIDEO

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Yevgeny Mikhailov, a Russian independent journalist for the YouTube channel, "Analytics of the South of Russia," who is the victim of those who have written an application to the prosecutor's office, accusing him of fomenting ethnic hatred, Eurasia Diary reports.

This became known from the last video-story at Youtube-channel "Analytics of the South of Russia" under the title "Rat nest or extremist notes".

Evgeny Mikhailov is well known in Azerbaijan for his support concerning the issue of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and criticism of Russian-Armenian relations

The film frankly reveals the names of five people who wrote an application to the prosecutor's office and the police of the Rostov region with a demand to bring Mikhailov in criminal responsibility for inciting ethnic hatred. The application was accompanied by an absolutely fabricated expert opinion, in which it is alleged that the journalist hates Armenians and should be imprisoned.

The absurdity of the situation is apparent, as Evgeni Mikhailov is one of the co-founders of the international organization “Armenia-Azerbaijan Civil Peace Platform”.

Anna Lebedeva, a formerly well-known journalist, awarded in numerous competitions, but not in demand in the profession since recent times, Is among the signers of this application. She became known for her numerous scandals when she was indicted of blackmail for publishing.

Elena Smirnova, the oldest journalist of the region, joined her.

The third signatory is Vardan Abrahamyan, editor-in-chief of Nakhichevan-on-Don, who did not like the criticism of relations between Russia and Armenia by Mikhailov

The signature was also put by the historian unknown to the wide community Sergei Sayadov, the head of the project of the Armenian Internet encyclopedia of the Hayazg Foundation.

The resident of Rostov on the Don city Ivan Zhienko was the 5th person to put the signature.

We can only hope that the Rostov law enforcement agencies will deal in good faith, as far as the stated "appeals" to national hatred in the described statement really correspond to reality.

The film speaks of the emerging frightening situation in the Rostov Union of Journalists when instead of supporting those who are really fighting for justice, the time for denunciation and connivance of the persecution of the pen makers and documentaries is planned.

Let us recall that Evgeniy Mikhailov got recognition in his investigative activities in Russia. Many of the heroes of his stories were sacked from the civil service, and some were arrested. The Union of Journalists of Russia twice awarded him a prize for professionalism and courage. Also, Evgeniy Mikhailov was awarded a medal for the protection of human rights and awards for assistance in the probe of extremist crimes. He became well known not only in his hometown but also in a number of countries for his often speeches in the federal media and international publications as an expert on terrorism and interethnic relations.

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