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23 October, Wednesday

Investigations on Atambayev to cover his family

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Pervomay district court of Bishkek permitted the seizure of documents on bank accounts, operations and contents of cells from 2009 to the present belonging to ex-President Almazbek Atambayev and his family members from the following banks: Bishkek branch of the National Bank of Pakistan, BTA Bank, Demir Bank,  Bai Tushum Bank, Bank of Asia, Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank, Tolubay Bank, Aiyl Bank, Capital Bank, Bakai Bank, Dos-Kredobank, Commercial Bank Kyrgyzstan, Eurasian Savings Bank, RSK Bank, FinanceCreditBank, Halyk Bank Kyrgyzstan, EcoIslamicBank, Optima Bank, RK Amanbank, Rosinbank,  Kyrgyzkommertsbank, FINCA Bank, Chang An Bank, and Kompanion Bank.

The documents on bank accounts and cells of the following persons will be seized: Atambayev Almazbek Sharshenovich, Atambayeva Raisa Mirahmedovna, Atambayev Kadyrbek Almazbekovich, Atambayeva (Shagieva) Aliya Almazbekovna, Atambayev Seilbek Almazbekovich, Atambayev Seitbek Almazbekovich, Atambayeva Diana Almazbekovna, Atambayeva Dinara Almazbekovna, Sharshenov Nurbek Valibekovich, Shagiyeva Luisa Faritovna, Shagiyeva Albina Ramilyevna, Bayburin Arthur Vilorovich, Bayburina Lilia Tavfikovna, Rakhmadzhanova Jibek Manasovna, Satybaldiyeva Aelita Jumabekovna, Bektimirov Rais Erikovich, Shagiyev Ramil Minahmedovich, Abdullayev Kairat Turdadzhievich, Parhati Subihi Vufuerovich, Temirbekov Aziz Payzullaevich, Ahmet Kaya, and Musakeev Damir Sagyndykovich.

The permit was requested by investigator - prosecutor of the military prosecution of Kyrgyzstan.

On June 20, Parliament of Kyrgyzstan adopted a resolution on bringing charges against ex-President Almazbek Atambayev to strip him of his status of ex-President. Atambayev was accused of "illegal freeing of crime boss Aziz Batukayev from prison, concealment of income, illegal land purchase, corruption in the modernization of the Bishkek power plant and the illegal supply of coal to the power plant, suppressing and persecution of opponents."

Atambayev slammed the parliament and said accusations against him are "completely absurd, have no legal ground and are based on rumors."

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