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10 April, Friday

Foreign journalists visited International Eurasia Press Fund - PHOTOS

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A group of journalists from Pakistan and Mexico visited the International Eurasia Press Fund. Among the guests there were BOL News, Foreign Office and Diplomatic Activities Correspondent Mohammed Anwer Abbas, Senior Executive Editor of the Daily National Herald Tribune Riaz Ahmed Malik, and editor of Pakistan In The World magazine Tazeen Akhtar from Pakistan as well as the editor of Pulse News Mexico, Theresa Margolis, and a reporter for El Sol De Mexico newspaper and presenter of TV Channel 11 and ABC Radio Federico La Mont from Mexico.

Eurasia Diary reports that the journalists who came to Baku to observe the snap parliamentary elections also met the president of IEPF Umud Mirzayev in his office.

In turn, Umud Mirzayev thanked the guests for coming to Baku with a deep interest in this remarkable event in Azerbaijan as well as being IEPF's guess.

Journalists, who were first time at IEPF office, were closely acquainted with the organisation's activities, and during talks with the head of organisation, also touched upon the Upper-Garabagh conflic of Azebaijan. Umud Mirzayev spoke to journalists about the residents of Garabagh who were killed and displaced from their lands as a result of the separatist Armenian vandalism in the 1990s.

“The most important reason for the establishment of IEPF is the Upper-Garabagh conflict itself. It was not so easy to voice problems of our compatriots out to the world, at the time, when Armenian agressors drove them out of their warm houses. While Azerbaijan had just got rid of the Soviet leverage, it had not yet been able to introduce its sovereignty and territorial integrity to the world. The International Eurasia Press Fund was founded in 1992 for the need to bring the problrms to attention of the public in the world though which we invited representatives from the United Nations and international organisations to give them ideas of problems in Azerbaijan."

Umud Mirzayev also provided answers to questions of journalists representing various media in their countries.

Mohammed Anwer Abbas, correspondent of BOL News said that Kashmir, which is a painful side of Pakistan, is also one of the most important conflicts on the agenda like Azerbaijn's Garabagh. He noted that Azerbaijan also has military and economic potential like Pakistan and is capable of resolving this conflict through military forces.

In response to the journalist's comments, the IEPF president said that Azerbaijan always adhered peace in any dispute and the military remains as the last option for us.

"You know, the main reason that the Upper-Garabagh conflict remains unresolved so far is because of some powerful states that have certain interests in our country. The OSCE Minsk Group, which has been negotiating since 1992 and the world's leading nations avoid taking important steps for the solution of the ongoing problem and they rather leave the problem to the two states to find a solution to the conflict themselves. 

Moreover, why are the four UN resolutions still not followed? Is the world unaware of what has happened so far?

Do you remember the April 2016 battles? At that time, we further moved into the occupied territories in our military positions, but our inability to successfully complete the mission was because of international interventions and challenges,” Umud Mirzayev stressed.

During the meeting, U. Mirzayev also gave an exclusive interview to the ABC radio of Mexico. In his interview, the IEPF president emphasized the great potential of social network, internet and other resources that enable spread of news worldwide in a second. He mentioned significance of organising mutual visits of journalists from both countries to promote cultural and social ties between Azerbaijan and Mexico, as well as media cooperation.

At the end of the meeting, in the yard of the office the guests viewed the photos at the walls reflecting the Upper-Garabagh conflict and its damage to Azerbaijan. Umud Mirzayev together with the guests also visited the graves of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the Garabagh war.









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