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4 August, Tuesday

The PLP's issued a statement on Armenia's military and information provocations

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The Public Leaders Platform yesterday issued a statement on the military and information provocation carried out by Armenia to seize our positions on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border in the direction of Tovuz. presents the statement below:
As is known, on July 12th, the Armenian armed forces once again resorted to provocation and tried to seize our positions in the direction of Tovuz on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, using artillery fire. Four of our soldiers and officers were heroically killed during the treacherous attack of the enemy. As a result of counter-measures carried out by the Azerbaijani Army, the enemy was repulsed, and, as it shows in the videos, the enemy's equipment and a large number of manpower were destroyed. Azerbaijani army has taken revenge of our martyrs in excess of the enemy.
The attack and armed provocation by Armenia also arouse public anger in Azerbaijan. There were calls on social networks to launch military operations, to gather ordinary citizens and go to the frontline, to take up arms and liberate our lands from occupation. While this demonstrates the high level of patriotism in Azerbaijani society, on the other hand, its form of expression has caused some concern. We all understand very well that now, it is not like in the early 1990s, when there was no proper army, and citizens were forced to defend our lands on their own. Today, Azerbaijan has a strong army, and our army is ready and able to liberate our lands from occupation by the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.
Another issue of serious concern to us today is the provocation committed by Armenia in the information sphere. We all witness hundreds of social network accounts deliberately created by the enemy under Azerbaijani names and surnames calling for an information war against our state, pushing the country into chaos and trying to negatively affect the fighting spirit of our people and army. Their allies whether at home or abroad also actively support the information war organised by the enemy's special services against Azerbaijan.
As the Platform of Public Leaders, we call on our society, especially the media, the NGO sector, social network participants, our compatriots living abroad, every citizen and all public activists to prevent such provocations and expose them immediately.
We call on our wise people and citizens, who are at war with the enemy, to be restrained, patient, not to succumb to provocations and to unite closely around the President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev in such a sensitive and difficult time, to support our army!
We are confident that soon our lands will be liberated from the Armenian aggressors by the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and with the support of our people and the strength of our heroic army!
May Allah have mercy on all our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their Motherland!
May Allah protect our state, our people, our independence and our army!
Members of the Public Leaders Platform:
1. Rauf Zeyni - Azerbaijan National NGO Forum
2. Sabit Bagirov -  Fund of Assistance to Development of Entrepreneurship and Market Economy
3. Umud Mirzayev - International Eurasia Press Fund
4. Alimammad Nuriyev - Consultation Research Fund
5. Sahib Mammadov - Citizens' Labour Rights Protection League
6. Novela Jafarova - Society for Protection of Women Rights named after Dilara Aliyeva
7. Saadat Bananyarli - Public Union "Azerbaijan National Branch of the International Human Rights Society"
8. Saltanat Qojamanli - Public Union for the Protection of Human Rights and the Rule of Law
9. Qorkhmaz Ibrahimli - Biosphere Public Union
10. Avaz Hasanov - Humanitarian Research Public Association
11. Aziz Alakbarov - Azerbaijan Refugee Society Public Association
12. Israyil Isgandarov - "Umid" Social Development Support Public Association
13. Vugar Bayramov - Centre for Economic and Social Development Public Association
14. Chingiz Ganizade - Committee on Democracy and Human Rights
15. Muharram Zulfugarli - Social Problems Research Association
16. Kamil Salimov - Public Association "Observation of places of deprivation of liberty"
18. Eyyub Huseynov - "Free Consumers" Public Association
19. Tanzila Rustamkhanli - Turkish-Azerbaijan Women's Association
20. Mirvari Gahramanova - Public Union of Oil Workers' Rights Protection Organisation
21. Shamistan Alizamanli - Support to the Promotion of Patriotism" Public Association
22. Akif Nağı - Garabagh Liberation Organisation Public Association
23. Osman Gündüz - Multimedia Systems Public Association
24. Mayis Aliyev - Social Rights Research
25. Irada Rizazade - Public Association "For the Social Welfare of Citizens"
26. Bahar Gasimova - "Azerbaijan Women's Republican Society" Public Association
27. Malahat Ibrahimgizi - "Leader Women" Public Association
28. Fizuli Rzaguliyev - Public Union of Patriotic War Veterans
29. Mehdi Mehdiyev - Public Association of Families of martyrs, invalids and veterans of the Garabagh war
30. Mehriban Zeynalova - Clean World Women's Aid Public Association
31. Etibar Aliyev - 21st Century Education Centre Public Association
32. Ahmad N. Abbasbayli - "Development of Society and Civil Relations" Public Association
33. Nasiman Yagublu - Support for History and Press Studies
34. Shahin Rajabov - "Azerbaijan Parent-Teacher Association" Public Association
35. Aydin Abilov - "New Writers and Artists" Public Association
36. Fikret Yusifov - The International Economic Research Public Association 
37. Elchin Huseynov - "Azerbaijan Writers Club" Public Association
38. Aydin Karimov - Independent Law Centre
39. Ahmed Gashamoglu - Progress and Democracy Public Association
40. Hafiz Hasanov - Law and Development Public Association
41. Mirali Huseynov - Public Association for the Study of Democracy
42. Shamsaddin Aliyev - Police Support Public Association
43. Asif Asgarli - Azerbaijan Democratic Student Youth Organisation
44. Emin Hasanli - Public Association for Educating the Youth of Demobilised Soldiers
45. Ilgar Orujov - Azerbaijan Young Scientists, Postgraduates and Masters Society Public Association

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