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26 November, Thursday

Azerbaijani President gave a real lesson to the military-political leadership of Armenia - Arye Gut - VIDEO

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At the programme of "Special Issue" with Anastasia Lavrina on the CBC Azerbaijani TV channel, Israeli expert in international relations Arye Gut spoke about the latest events around the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

In discussing the recent events, Arye Gut first of all noted the courage of the Azerbaijan Army.

According to him, Armenia understood what kind of enemy it met on the battlefield, and what we (foreign experts) see today suggests that the President of Azerbaijan is teaching a real lesson to the military-political leadership of Armenia.

He noted that today Azerbaijan is not what it was in the 90s, and what the Armenians now imagine it to be:

"All the reforms that the country was carrying out today showed us what kind of army Azerbaijan actually has, what it is armed with."

Arye Gut added that the Azerbaijani Army, using the most high-tech weapons, showed the Armenian side who is who:

"This superiority of the Azerbaijani Army on the battlefield suggests that the Armenian troops have nothing to do there - the occupations is over and leave."

The Israeli expert also noted the fraternal relations between Azerbaijan and Israel.

He said that Israel is ready and supports Azerbaijan on the battlefield: if an Azerbaijani soldier needs Israeli weapons, he will receive it. This relationship has been built for 27 years, said Arye Gut, and the Jewish people appreciate it.

Speaking about the de-occupation of some territories, Arye Gut noted that he had been to these areas, and for him it is a great historical memory. He also expressed gratitude to the President of the International Eurasia Press Fund Umud Mirzayev.

The expert noted that with Umud Mirzayev he visited the village of Ashaghi Abdurrahmanli, where there were several foreign journalists, including Israeli ones.

“It was a sad and cruel picture of devastated villages as a result of Armenian aggression: destroyed houses, schools, kindergartens, just scorched earth,” A.Gut added.

He said that the President of IEPF told him about the Armenian aggression by showing him his house, the house of his parents, the school where he studied.

“I looked at these houses, which were destroyed, cemeteries and tombstones were also smashed ... This testifies to the hatred and fear of the Armenian invaders towards the Azerbaijani people,” A.Gut added.

The expert asked a question:

“What does a person want in life? One could live together, live in friendship in the neighborhood… but no, they did everything to occupy Azerbaijani territories. And today we see the process of de-occupation of these lands by the Azerbaijani Army, the support of Azerbaijan by Israeli and Turkish friends in this case."

Arye Gut stressed that he was very glad to hear the release of the native village of Umud Mirzayev, in connection with which he congratulated the people of Azerbaijan and U.Mirzayev in particular.

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