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6 October, Thursday

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Dutch writer Henri Van Rens met with the IEPF president

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Dutch writer Henri Van Rens was a guest of the International Eurasia Press Fund today. Ednews reports that the guest visiting Azerbaijan with his spouse, has met with the IEPF president, Umud Mirzayev.

During the meeting, Umud Mirzayev spoke about the activities of the organisation for 30 years and many important projects currently being implemented. Speaking about the reasons of forming the IEPF, he said it was founded  because of the need to convey the conflict in Azerbaijan to the world in the post-Soviet period. The IEPF president also talked about the fate of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia in the late 1980s, as well as the Armenian vandalism committed during the First Karabakh War. He emphasised that on behalf of the IEPF, he has chaired at the events of the UN and related organizations, representing Azerbaijan and that the Karabakh problem has been brought to the attention of the world community.

At the same time, Henri Van Rens, who is more interested in the history of Karabakh, Khojaly genocide and conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan, spoke about the book he wants to depict the history of Karabakh. Henri, expressed his desire to publish his book in Azerbaijan, and he also expressed his complaint about his unanswered questions. He stressed that he is still waiting for an answer from those who are indifferent to the realities of the Karabakh problem and the Khojaly tragedy.

"I regret to say that when I expressed my desire to write a book on the history of Karabakh, it was treated with extreme indifference. You know, I have been doing a lot of research on the history of Karabakh and the genocide that took place there in Khojaly about 30 years ago. I am very upset that I am not supported to reveal these facts."

The guest also spoke about the publication of his book in Azerbaijan. He specifically emphasised that he wants the income from the sale of the book to be dedicated to the veterans who fought in Karabakh and the families of the martyrs.

"I sincerely want the book I want to write about the history of Karabakh to be published in Azerbaijan. I have been cooperating with the International Eurasia Press Fund for some time. We had many discussions during this time. I hope that when my book is published, its first readers will be my friends at IEPF.

I would like to stress out one main point that after the book is printed, I would like to transfer the money from its sale to the fund created for the families of martyrs and veterans of the Karabakh War.

The guest also ecpressed his willingness to participate in the upcoming 30th anniversary of the International Eurasia Press Fund. As he needs more of historical facts for the book he is going to write, H. V. Rens also said that he will stay in Azerbaijan for a long time.

Later, the parties had a broad discussion about mutual cooperation in the future.

By Elnur Enveroglu

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