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20 June, Thursday

Why are suicides in Azerbaijan increasing?

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8th-grade pupil attempted suicide

Today, in the morning, another teenager tried suicide. According to Eurasia Diary, the 8th grade student at secondary school No. 162 in Sabail district took the floor from the 3rd floor. A student receiving various degrees of physical exertion (for relevant reasons, the student's name is not mentioned) is hospitalized, his condition remains severe at the moment. During the incident, the teenager had a cutting tool in his hand. According to preliminary information, there are certain problems in the student's family. Apparently, the number of suicides in Azerbaijan is increasing every year. There is an idea that their number has not increased and that suicidal events are broadcasted in mass media. Elmir Akbar, psychotherapist-psychoanalyst of the "Logos" Center for Psychological and Speech Development, told Eurasia Daily that was idea wrong.

What is the cause of suicides in Azerbaijan?

It’s clear from the appeals that there is a real increase in the number of suicides. Let us note that attempting suicide does not depend on whether the character is weak or strong. One reason for the increase in suicides is that society has developed and the form of communication between people has changed dramatically. First, it was the tension that existed between people. A second reason is that people in the family do not care much about each other, and the increase of indifference and indifference in society and in the family. During Soviet times the borders were closed. When the boundary of a large system is bound, the boundaries of smaller systems are opened. According to him, the video about the three girls in recent days shows that there is no sincerity between the parents in the family, They don`t report when leaving the house and so on.

 "Communication fractures also play a role in the occurrence of suicides. Along with the transition from one structure to another in Azerbaijan, the Karabakh problem also acts as a side effect. But with the development of psychotherapy in progress countries this was eliminated. The number of Appeals currently falls below the number of suicides in Azerbaijan. People still want to prevent suicide by going to the side of the wizard. It is a pity that many specialists also do not have proper education and experience. Instead of paying more attention to psychotherapy in Azerbaijan, the specialty of a psychotherapist was abolished. All over the world, specialists on branches such as psychotherapist analyst, psychotherapist, neurologist are already trained. We can’t   prevent suicide with such an approach. One of the greatest ways to commit suicide is depression. If a person says that the world has changed, lost its color, I can’t enjoy what I enjoyed before, and if he finally says that I have already lost the meaning of life, it should cause serious concern. At this time, only the reception of medicines will lead to the emergence of dependence," the expert said.

"The death of a psychologist was not a suicide, but a conspiracy"

 What does a psychologist do when he was in a difficult psychological situation? It can also be a problem in the life of a psychologist. Two years ago, everyone was shocked by the news that the psychologist Deyanat Rzayev, who spoke with expert opinions on suicides in the local media, tried to stop people from suicides. The expert believes that the murder of a famous psychologist is a conspiracy. “He had ideas about various wealthy, businessman. The relatives of Dayanat and people in close contact with him all said that this death was a murder. The conditions in which he found his corpse caused him to say this. In addition, psychologists themselves sustain the procedure every week, at least one supervisor and one therapy. Therefore, it is impossible for Deyanat Rzayev to die by suicide,” said Elmir Akbar. At the same time, the news of suicide in the media also manifests itself as a psychological effect, when a person with a weak or difficult psychological state of a teenager or other person reads this news, the psychological effect is felt. In the event of suicide, along with other studies, a pchisological examination should be performed. For example, in 1968, when Prague launched Soviet tanks, the 21-year-old Czech burned himself as a protest. After that, 15-20 more people took an example of this.

Painful statistics

Suicides lead to more human casualties than wars and murders. Experts of the World Health Organization said this. Every year more than 800 000 people around the world commit suicide. At present, 7 out of every 100,000 people die as a result of their own conspiracy. Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide. According to information, the number of suicides in the world since 2000 alone has reached 1 million, and it has its own reasons. According to World Statistics, the highest cases of suicide are observed among drug addicts, people with disabilities, mental patients, as well as those suffering from chronic alcoholism. The motive of suicide can be both spiritual and material impossibility. But the statistics of suicides are almost the same in both developed and small states. For example, Somalia occupies one of the last places for suicides. The investigative journalist Maia Szalavitz comes to this conclusion that in prosperous countries, as a rule, property inequality becomes greater.  He consider that inequality itself is a relative concept, and the main factor here is the question of social status. The banker, who lost his job in other words, understands since will not be able to drive such cars and eat in certain restaurants. This is why, in the period of the last economic crisis, there were more cases of suicide among the bank and some of its employees. In addition, the level of suicide can be associated with climatic conditions. The idea of suicide in every person's life goes through his mind, but the realization of it is a sudden decision. It is said that when they look at the neck of the easel themselves, traces of scratches appear, which means that they regret, but can’t  save themselves. In order to avoid such an undesirable situation, as the expert noted, there must be a timely and professional approach to the problems.


Written by Gulnar Salimova

Translated by Zinyat Jafarova

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