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10 April, Friday

Russia tested Soviet-produced UR-100N missile-Photos - VIDEO

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Russian Rocket Mobilization Center under the order of Russian Defense Ministry tested Soviet produced UR-100N missile, Eurasia Diary reports citing Bulgarian Military News. 

UR-100N is considered one of the advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles in Russia that it coud destroy any huge and firm military targets. 

 Development of the UR-100N began at OKB-52 in 1970 and flight tests were carried out from 1973 through 1975. In 1976, the improved UR-100NUTTKh (SS-19 Mod 3) version entered development with flight tests in the later half of the decade.

The UR-100N is a fourth-generation silo-launched liquid-propellant ICBM similar to the UR-100 but with much increased dimensions, weights, performance, and payload. The missile was not designed to use existing UR-100 silos, and therefore had new silos constructed for it.

The missile has a preparation time to start of 25 minutes, a storage period of 22 years, and 6 MIRVs.

Furthermore, ballistic missile has strong competition with ballistic missiles of the United States and China. 

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