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1 October, Thursday

EU bids to reunite couples split by coronavirus restrictions

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The European Union is urging member countries to ease COVID-19 travel restrictions to allow unmarried couples to reunite after nearly half a year of separation, Euronews reports.

EU member states have reopened their borders to each other — although some restrictions apply — and to a shortlist of approved third-countries where the coronavirus is deemed under control.

But this list excludes most countries around the world including the US, Russia, Brazil, most African and Asian countries. This means citizens from these countries that are not EU residents may not be able to come to the EU.

A spokesperson for the EU Commission told reporters on Friday that during a meeting with national border authorities on Thursday, Brussels "raised an issue directly affecting many people, namely, excluding unmarried partners of European citizens and residents from the travel restrictions into the EU.

"Under the current legal situation, member states can allow unmarried partners with duly attested relationships to enter the EU if they choose to do so. We repeatedly encouraged member states to use this possibility. Currently, only a minority of member states do so.

"We will continue to call on all member states to allow the entry of people in duly attested relationships with European citizens and residents without delay," he added.

The Commission has not, however, explained what "duly attested" entails.

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