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23 October, Friday

Power has been restored partially after Syrian gas pipeline explosion - VIDEO

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Today, the explosion has occurred in the gas pipeline in the countryside of Damascus, Eurasia Diary reports citing the Syrian SANA news agency.

Kharbutli also informed that this is the sixth explosion in the same region. The explosion led to a drop in the gas pressure in Deir Ali generation station. İnitially, the loss of quantity led the blackout in the country. Currently, power has relatively restored.

He added that the Electricity Ministry, in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, is working hard to restore the situation to normality and to restore power in a successive manner during the next few hours.

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Ali Ghanem guessed that the reason for the explosion could be a terrorist act.

He noted that this pipeline, with a diameter of 36 inches and with a capacity of 7 million cubic meters of gas, feeds the stations of Deir Ali, Tishreen, and Nasiriya in the southern region, which are currently out of service as a result of the explosion.

 “We have been able to separate the sectionalizing valves of this pipeline according to their stages which means that we separate the location of the damage or the terrorist attack on this pipeline, as we start to refeed al-Nasiriya and Jander stations with gas and the power starts to return gradually,” Minister said.

Minister Kharbutli added that power has been restored to some of the important and vital facilities in Damascus. It has been partially restored in the provinces of Homs and Hama and the coastal region till the gas pipeline will be fixed and the electricity situation will return to normality.

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