The US "Doomsday" plane has arrived in Europe -

26 March,

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The US "Doomsday" plane has arrived in Europe

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The E-6B Mercury aircraft, which serves as an air command post of the US Navy, has landed in Iceland.
Ednews reports that the US Command in Europe has released information about this.
"The E-6B Mercury belonging to the US Navy's 1st Strategic Command recently landed in Iceland in the area of responsibility of the US European Command," the information said.
It should be noted that "E-6B Mercury" is a US military strategic command and control aircraft. It is also called the "Doomsday" plane.
The aircraft is designed to communicate with Ohio-class strategic nuclear submarines that carry intercontinental ballistic missiles. Each of these submarines can carry up to 24 nuclear-capable Trident II D5 missiles.

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