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27 November, Friday

International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action - PHOTOS

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As in case of a very high altitude life threatening danger posed by Land mines and Explosive Remnants of War, today our world faced with a next indiscriminate and socio-economic threat named COVID-19 which does not recognize country, people, their social status, age, sex, and religion. Today we witness how the world pays a high cost in struggle against the new deadly infection. We believe that United Nations and countries' hard efforts in eliminating danger of COVID-19 will be successful as it was exercised in the frame of Antipersonnel Mine Ban treaty, where millions of lives were saved and millions sq/m of dangerous areas were released.

Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) commemorates the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action. In line with ongoing Plan of Action on COVID-19 pandemic ANAMA temporarily stopped large scale mine clearance operations, and continues its emergency EOD operations directed from the state emergency services.

As we know Mine and ERW related issues are mainly a very serious Socio-Economic problem. And we are glad to announce that Mr.Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan has approved next 5 years      “Socio-Economic Development Program” of the regions that envisages required funding allocated for implementation of Humanitarian Mine Action in Azerbaijan.

By referencing to International Mine Action Standards and pertinent publications, National mine action standards and procedures ANAMA uses different types of detection equipment,  Mine Detection Dogs, Mechanical demining machines to provide mine and ERW free safe environment for people and development projects. We continue mine/ERW risk education, and link the survivors' needs to pertinent agencies. We provide training for local and international staff as well as operate in and out the country. ANAMA remains one of the key bodies to address mine and ERW related issues for Azerbaijan.

Since 1998 till now ANAMA cleared/released 543 445 437 m2 of dangerous areas, and handed over for productive utilization. We found and destroyed 807185 mines and explosive remnants of war. In present ANAMA is in state of being a “first to contact” Agency in Azerbaijan to receive an emergency calls from Ministry of Internal Affairs (102 – Call Center of Police) Ministry of Emergency Situation (112 - Call Center), State Border Service and other authorities and respond to them operationally with immediate effect.

Azerbaijan is in a state of war with its 20% of the internationally recognized territories that remain under occupation. We have to work hard and keep building our technical capacity because we assume that we will have to cover a long and challenging way to ensure Azerbaijan is totally free of Mine and ERW.

We congratulate and highly appreciate UN, all countries, international organizations and donors for their support in Mine Awareness and Mine Action, and we greet all national and international stakeholders involved in mine action for their hard and honorable contributions. We wish the world population a very closest COVID free and Mine/ERW free life.


Gazanfar Ahmadov

Director of ANAMA





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