Representatives of "Al Jazeera" Media Network visited Tartar

As Ednews reported, Managing Director of Al Jazeera Documentary, one of the main branches of the Al Jazeera Media Network, Ahmed Mahfouz and Manager of Planning & Scheduling, Adel Ksiksi,continue their visit to Azerbaijan at the invitation of the International Eurasia Press Fund.
Ednews informs that within the framework of the trip, the film crew visited Tartar region to shoot a documentary film. IEPF president Umud Mirzayev accompanies the guests. Civilian houses destroyed by Armenians during the 2020 war were shown to the guests.
"Al-Jazeera Documentary Films" department management said that they will show Armenian vandalism and fascism to the whole world.
"We visited this place to shoot a documentary film. We want the whole world to know about these events."
Noted that the visit program of "Al Jazeera" officials, official meetings to be held in Azerbaijan, regional visits and possible cooperation prospects in various directions will be discussed.
Within the framework of these partnerships, it is initially planned to prepare stories about Azerbaijan's landmine problem and landmine victims, as well as presentation videos about Azerbaijan. The visit will last until June 11.
Noted that this partnership is based on the memorandum of understanding concluded between IEPF and Al Jazeera Media Network.


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