Intensification of dialogue increases hopes for peace Konul Nurullayeva

"We can say that the five-way informal meeting held in Moldova within the framework of the 2nd Summit of the European Political Community brought the parties a little closer to peace."

MP Konul Nurullayeva said this to Ednews while commenting meeting which was held in Moldova.

She added that at least the parties had the opportunity to reconsider the terms of peace at a table:

"The agreement on the next meeting to be held in Brussels next month shows that the intensity of the dialogue continues. By July, foreign ministers will meet in Washington. The fact that the subject of the main negotiations in Washington is a peace agreement also confirms that the process continues in a positive direction."

MP noted that although the Moldovan meeting took place in a five-party format, the participation of France and Germany was definitely informal:

"In fact, the discussions are held in a tripartite format with the support and coordination of the President of the Council of the European Union, Charles Michel. At the 12th meeting of the tripartite working group for the implementation of the agreements reached by the leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia at the meeting held in Moscow on May 25, 2023, positive notes are being observed. The parties reaching a general agreement on the implementation of specific steps on the restoration and organization of the railway connection on the Arazdeyan-Julfa-Mehri-Horadiz route should be considered the next step towards peace. l It can be seen that significant progress has been made in coordinating the modality of opening transport links between countries. It is expected that practical steps will be taken before the next meetings of the Tripartite Working Group."

According to her, in general, due to the destructive position of Armenia, there is some stagnation in the negotiations, but the dynamics are increasing again:
"The fact that the parties have already met several times in the last month means the intensification of negotiations on the peace agreement, and this can be considered as a step taken in favor of the process.  Of course, if Armenia does not show any disruptive activity after that, the process can continue the same, even with increased dynamics."
"The dates of the liberation of Lachin and the meeting with our compatriots who returned here also have a symbolic meaning - in May Lachin was occupied, in May the people of Lachin returned to Lachin. On April 23, the issue of territorial integrity was resolved once and for all with the establishment of a border crossing point on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border.  In short, it is Azerbaijan that creates the realities in the region", K.Nurullayeva said.
"Taking into account our compatriots who returned to Lachin, we see that our plans for the post-conflict period are in the final stages. Our head of state also declared this and emphasized with confidence that the last step will be taken successfully. "And now, after Armenia recognizes our territorial integrity, there are practically no serious obstacles left for the peace treaty. Because we are the strong side, we are the ones who have a strong position at the negotiation table, we are the ones who have a strong position on the border. Therefore, the delimitation should be based on our conditions, that is, on the basis of fair conditions, and the peace agreement should be based on international conditions," said President Ilham Aliyev once again. The emerging reality suggests that even if the peace treaty is not signed, we will live comfortably and safely. Therefore, against the background of the current realities, the party that needs peace the most is Armenia.  There is no need to create tension by bringing up the status, the right of people to self-determination. As for the Armenians in Garabag, our head of state once again pointed out that there is only one way left for them - to obey the laws of Azerbaijan, to be a loyal normal citizens of Azerbaijan, to throw their false state attributes in the trash, and to leave the "parliament". The self-proclaimed "president" must surrender, and all "ministers", "deputies" and others must leave their positions. Only in that case, they can be exempted and any amnesty can be discussed. The official reaction from the United States to this statement of our head of state also showed that the international community completely agreed with the official position of Baku. It cannot be considered a coincidence that State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said, "We welcome President Aliyev's recent statements regarding amnesty." For this reason, this reaction caused the separatists to panic.  Even Armenian clerics raise the issue to the level of religion and seriously criticize this position of the State Department. However, the effect of this agitation on the processes cannot be discussed", she stressed.
"My word is final, everyone knows it, both in Azerbaijan and in the world, including in Armenia. We do what we say. Not a single word of ours, as they say, has been left in the air, and this word will not be left in the air either. If I say that amnesty can be considered, they should not miss this opportunity. They missed many opportunities. Every time, as they say, we had to hit them in the head so that they come to their senses" - President Ilham Aliyev said in Lachincan and it is considered as the last warning", MP K. Nurullayeva concluded.