The conflict in the CSTO was agreed by Pashinyan and Macron in Paris - Russian experts -

30 January, Monday

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The conflict in the CSTO was agreed by Pashinyan and Macron in Paris - Russian experts

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"Pashinyan's failure to sign the final document of the CSTO is Yerevan's demarche with the Kremlin"

"The Collective Security Treaty Organization as an organization is not exhausted yet. However, the crisis within the organization is deeper than it seems. The failure to sign the final declaration at the Yerevan summit was a premeditated provocation by the Pashinyan regime."

According to APA's Moscow correspondent, these thoughts were voiced by Russian experts at the event held in Moscow on the theme "What will the crisis in the KTMT lead to?"

Russian experts protested that Armenia did not sign the final declaration at the Collective Security Treaty Organization summit held in Yerevan on November 23. Russian experts perceived Pashinyan's refusal to sign the final document as an attempt by Yerevan to demarche with the Kremlin. According to experts, Pashinyan deliberately took this step in agreement with the West, the United States and France. The goal is to take advantage of the current international political situation in which Russia is in and transfer Yerevan completely from the protection of Moscow to the protection of the West.

Sergey Markov, director of the Russian Institute of Political Studies, said that the conflict in the CSTO was based on an agreement between Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris: "Pashinyan assured Macron that France and the United States would protect him in case of a conflict with Russia." Pashinyan wants to take advantage of the conflict between the West and Russia and turn Armenia from an ally of Russia into an ally of the West, primarily France."

Russian experts believe that one of the main problems of CSTO today is that its member Armenia is in conflict with Azerbaijan. But the second, main problem is that Pashinyan is a pro-Western politician, which further expands the first problem. According to them, the fact that Armenia set a condition regarding Azerbaijan in front of the member countries of the organization at the summit in Yerevan is nothing but a provocation against the Kremlin.

Russian historian and political expert Sergey Voronin said that his country is undoubtedly facing provocation by Armenia: "If we talk about formal and ethical points, then Pashinyan's actions go beyond this framework. I think that Armenia, as the host and chairman of the CSTO, as a country, political wisdom and political responsibility should be shown, not demarches. Unfortunately, we have witnessed what such demarches lead to in the case of Ukraine."

Voronin stressed that he is already skeptical of the ideas such as "Armenians are a "friendly people" to Russia, even if there is a pro-Western leader in power who wants to separate Armenia from Russia, nothing will be achieved. "I think that Russia should be more careful about the situation in Armenia. It is known that he is hiding somewhere in Armenian society."

According to Russian experts, although Pashinyan's regime created a crisis situation in the Collective Security Treaty Organization, in general, Armenia is not able to break the crisis. In Russia, they believe that the reason for Pashinyan's hysteria at the summit in Yerevan is related to the script coming from the West, and Moscow will never allow this script to be implemented.

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