Umud Mirzayev: "One of the countries in the world that embraces Armenian terrorists is mostly Iran" -

29 March, Wednesday

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Umud Mirzayev: "One of the countries in the world that embraces Armenian terrorists is mostly Iran"

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As reported earlier, there was an armed attack on the embassy of Azerbaijan in Tehran. When the attack was repulsed, the Azerbaijani embassy staff law enforcement agencies responsible for guarding the embassy died heroically, and two people were injured.
Umud Mirzayev, president of the International Eurasia Press Fund, told Ednews about the incident that this incident is a continuation of the vandalism committed in Karabakh. Today, there is a certain segment who are jealous of our success and upset about the return of our lands. They are available in different parts of the world.
"It is very sad news. We strongly condemn any attack on embassies and call for the implementation of the Vienna Convention by the host country.
They cannot come to terms with the successes of Azerbaijan. They are ultimadely agressive. Therefore, I am very sorry for the incident. I pray for Allah's mercy to our compatriot who passed away, and I offer my condolences to his relatives. At the same time, I do not exclude the possibility of such cases in our embassies in other countries. Today, people who are jealous of our success in Karabakh will try hard to create problems in other places. In recent times, those who were distraught by the action of the public sector and civil society on the Khankendi-Lachin road tried to present the Armenian people to the world as an oppressed people. All their efforts, all their games are in vain. Armenia is not a state, but a terrorist group. They carry the mission of destroying, exploding, killing and terrorizing from the first day they started their activities.
U. Mirzayev noted that relations between Iran and Azerbaijan, which are tense at the moment, may become even more tense. According to him, regardless of whether the person who committed the incident is Iranian or not, he considers them to be one of those who supported terrorism in Karabakh for many years.
"The incident was committed by an Iranian citizen. The Iranian government is directly responsible for this incident. The incident that happened in Iran today is the result of its policy in recent times. "Iran is one of the countries in the world that embraces Armenian terrorists the most."
It should be noted that Armenians have repeatedly attacked the embassies of Azerbaijan in Georgia, France, and England.

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