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8 June, Thursday

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Konul Nurullayeva: If France is committed to peace, it should be worried about Armenian provocations

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"France is well aware that in recent weeks, the Armenian side has become active in the direction of deliberately escalating the situation by abusing the location of the mission of the European Union in this country"
This statement was made by Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Konul Nurullayeva to Ednews. She said that along the Azerbaijan-Armenia state border and in the Azerbaijani territories where Russian peacekeepers are temporarily stationed, France observes that Armenian military units intensively violate ceasefire:
"However, France tries to keep the events on Lachin road on the agenda as a blockade, diverting attention from the main cause of the tension.  The latest statement of the French Foreign Minister confirms this once again. In fact, Katrin Kolonna must touch upon the point that on March 5, 2023, as a result of provocation by illegal Armenian units, 2 of our servicemen were martyred, and on Novruz holiday, March 20, as a result of another provocation by Armenia on the part of the Azerbaijan-Armenia state border passing through the territory of Zangilan district, one of Azerbaijani serviceman got injured. Nevertheless, as they claim, they are not committed to peace, but to prejudice and tension in the region."
"It is acceptable for the representative of the government, which will be considered illegitimate, to have a biased attitude towards the events taking place in the South Caucasus region, and to voice distorted opinions. The situation around the Lachin-Khankendi road is quite clear. From December 12 of last year until today, the passage of more than 4,700 vehicles, persons in need of medical assistance, and those accompanying them was ensured through the line of Russian peacekeepers and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Therefore, claims that this road is allegedly blocked are groundless", MP noted.
According to her, if France really wants lasting peace in the region, it should be worried about Armenia using the auxiliary road to Lachin road to carry out illegal military transports and personnel rotation in our territories where Russian peacekeepers are temporarily stationed, as well as about 10,000 illegal armed groups still remaining in the territory of Azerbaijan, and in this direction, France "must act". Under the name of the blockade, France should not make statements that raise tensions in the region. They should accept Azerbaijan's request on the necessity of establishing a border-crossing point at the last point of the Lachin road border with Armenia.
"The fact that the French Foreign Minister acts as a lawyer for the separatists is simply laughable. It shows the colonial policy of this country. This lady seems to be talking about Mali or Burkina Faso in the language of an ultimatum. Nonetheless, K. Colonna forgets that Azerbaijan is a place of independent politics, and no one, including France, can speak to official Baku in a dictation language. As for the statement of the head of the French Foreign Ministry, it should be accepted at the level of the assistant head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, or not accepted at all", K. Nurullayeva added.
She stressed in the end that unable to digest the post-conflict realities, France had to stay out of the peace process. All the actions of official Paris are aimed at creating a state of neither peace nor war in the region.  Therefore, as the winning party, Azerbaijan will not allow France to be a mediator in the process.

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