The visit of the delegation from "Al-Jazeera" to Karabakh continues

As Ednews reported, Managing Director of Al Jazeera Documentary, one of the main branches of the Al Jazeera Media Network, Ahmed Mahfouz and Manager of Planning & Scheduling, Adel Ksiksi,continue their visit to Azerbaijan at the invitation of the International Eurasia Press Fund.
Ednews informs that within the framework of the trip, the film crew first visited Tarter region to shoot a documentary film. IEPF President Umud Mirzayev showed the guests the civilian houses destroyed by Armenians during the 2020 war. Later, the guests were closely acquainted with the activities of "Community Mine Action" and the work of the demining teams together with ANAMA. They visited the demined areas.
The delegation met with Mustaqim Mammadov, the Chief of Tartar District Executive Power. During the meeting, the executive chief stressed that he will provide the guests with the necessary materials for documentaries.
In the end, the guests who got acquainted with the houses destroyed by the rocket in Tartar were given extensive and statistical information.
Later, the guests visited the "Maraga - 150" monument, which dates back to 1978, in Shikharkh settlement of Tartar region. They were told that this monument was deliberately destroyed by Armenians. Because this monument was the evidence of the transfer of Armenians to Karabakh, the ancient land of Azerbaijan.
As part of the visit, the guests also visited the villages of Sugovushan and Talish.