Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak to discuss Northern Ireland and Ukraine -

29 May, Monday

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Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak to discuss Northern Ireland and Ukraine

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US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak are not expected to discuss a free trade agreement during their meeting in Northern Ireland on Wednesday morning, it has been indicated, Ednews informs via ITV.
It will be the third in-person meeting between the two leaders.
In a briefing to journalists, Amanda Sloat, senior director for Europe at the US National Security Council, said the focus of the meeting will be Northern Ireland, as well as touching on the war in Ukraine.
"I don't anticipate that the two leaders are going to be talking about a free trade agreement on this trip ... I think their conversation is going to focus primarily on the situation in Northern Ireland given that that's where they're meeting, as well as the chance to touch base on Ukraine and some other issues," she said.
Ms Sloat said the two leaders had the opportunity to touch briefly on economic issues when they met in San Diego, a conversation which she said will be "furthered and deepened" when they meet in Washington in June.


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