Spain: Conservatives secure gains in key regional elections

The Socialist Workers' Party only won three of the 12 regions where elections were held. The defeat comes ahead of this year's general elections later in December, threatening to unseat PM Pedro Sanchez.
EDnews informs via foreign media that the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party suffered significant losses in regional elections on Sunday, winning merely three of the 12 regions where the vote was held.
The party of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, also known as PSOE, ran 10 regions before the latest vote.
The conservative opposition Popular Party (PP) secured significant gains in the elections, hinting that the right might come on top in the country's coming general elections, slated for December this year.
The PP won 31.5% of the votes, while the PSOE secured 28.2%, as per Interior Ministry results shared after counting over 97% of the votes.