European Parliament to endorse more ammunition for Ukraine

European Parliament (EP) will vote on a draft bill to increase European production of ammunition and missiles, Ednews reports citing the website of EP.
The Act in Support of Ammunition Production (ASAP) aims to accelerate the delivery of ammunition and missiles to Ukraine and to help member states restock their arsenals. By introducing targeted measures, including €500 million in financing, ASAP aims to ramp up the EU’s production capacity to address the current shortage of ammunition, missiles and their components.
The European Commission tabled the ASAP legislation on 3 May 2023, and MEPs agreed the same month to trigger Parliament’s urgent procedure process to speed up the bill’s approval with the aim of adopting it during the July session.
In parallel, MEPs are working on the European Defence Industry Reinforcement through the common Procurement Act (EDIRPA) to support collaboration between member states in the defence procurement phase to fill the most urgent and critical gaps.