Popular streamer Puppers dies aged 32

Popular streamer Puppers has died aged 32, three years after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND).
The US Twitch streamer rose to fame playing survival game Dead by Daylight, where he was known for his positivity.
The game's community rallied around him following his diagnosis and set up the Light in the Fog Foundation, raising $270k (£216k) to support his care.
In a reference to his catchphrase, the foundation said Puppers was "forever in our hearts, eternally comfy".
Puppers, also known as Max, would end his streams by telling fans to "stay comfy, because if you're comfy, you're winning".
The streamer was diagnosed with ALS - the most common form of MND - in 2020.
It affects the brain and nerves and causes weakness that gets worse over time, according to the NHS. There is no cure for the disease, but there are treatments to help reduce the impact on a person's daily life.
A post on his Twitter page confirmed his death, saying he "loved you all so very much".
"Thank you for all of the love and support throughout his career - making you all happy is truly what he lived for," it said.