Global warming surged in past decade, research says

Human-induced warming was rising at an "unprecedented" rate, new research has again shown. Meanwhile, a look at various countries' commitment to their net-zero plans showed most polluters were lagging behind.
Ednews informs via Euronews that Global warming has increased in the past decade by 1.14 degrees Celsius, according to new research presented on Thursday in the German city of Bonn during the interim negotiations for the annual UN Climate Conference (COP28).
The research warned that human-induced warming has been rising at an "unprecedented rate" of 0.2 degrees per decade. The study, which looked at the decade between 2013 and 2022, was published in the Earth System Science Data journal.
The global community convenes annually at COP summits to review climate efforts and measure them against targets set during the 2015 Paris Climate Conference.
A peer-reviewed assessment presented on Thursday revealed that the net-zero plans of most countries contributing to global greenhouse gas emissions lacked credibility.
The United States and China, which together contribute to about a third of the global greenhouse gas emissions, were among the countries whose plans were regarded as lacking.