Azerbaijani servicemen of Georgian army died

An Azerbaijani serviceman of the Georgian army was killed as a result of fire from a firearm, Ednews reports citing Ministry of Defense of Georgia (MoD).
It was noted that on June 8, 2023, the Military Police Department of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia launched an investigation under Article 115 (suicide) of the Criminal Code in connection with the death of military serviceman Yusif Nasibov (2005), who served in one of the units of the Defense Forces.
It was noted that the military serviceman was on guard at the post when the incident happened. According to information, Yusif Nasibov's body was discovered while inspecting the area after the sound of firearm.
According to preliminary information, the military serviceman was injured in the jaw as a result of the shooting and died at the scene.
It was noted that the Military Police Department of the Georgian MoD continues its investigation.
The MoD announced that it was deeply saddened by the incident and expressed its condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased serviceman.
It should be noted that 18-year-old Yusif Nasibov is from the village of Girikhli, Marneuli district.