Scholz, Macron, Duda to meet in Paris to discuss security guarantees for Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Polish President Andrzej Duda are expected to travel to Paris next Monday for talks with French president Emmanuel Macron, several French officials have confirmed, Ednews reports citing Politico.
The meeting over dinner is expected to focus on Ukraine’s push for NATO membership and security guarantees from allies ahead of a NATO summit in July.
Last week, Macron called for Ukraine to be given “strong, concrete and tangible” security guarantees and argued that Ukraine should be offered “a path towards [NATO] membership” during a speech in Bratislava. However, Scholz appeared to strike a more cautious note, saying last Thursday that the focus shouldn’t be on membership, but on “how we as individuals can support Ukraine.”
Poland has called repeatedly for Ukraine to be given strong security guarantees. On Tuesday, Duda met with several leaders of NATO members in eastern Europe to discuss the war in Ukraine and its request to join the alliance.