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8 August, Saturday

China will use J-20 fighter in a war with India, S-400 doesn’t work at high altitudes

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The deployment of additional air defense systems of India is reported closer to the Ladakh region – on the border with China, reports citing Bulgarian Military News.

According to recent reports, the Indian command decided to take this step due to the fact that China, according to intelligence, deployed the S-300 and S-400 air defense systems in Tibet.

Against this background, the Sputnik news service publishes an interview with a military analyst, Indian Air Force veteran Vijainder Thakur. In an interview with correspondent Rashikesh Kumar, Thakur said that China’s main goal in this regard is to gain a strategic advantage in the border areas.

Moreover, as the expert notes, the deployment of air defense systems at high altitudes can play a negative role for those who carry out such an arrangement. In fact, we were talking about the “weaknesses” of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system if the complex was placed high in the mountains.

From the material: “The average height of the Tibetan plateau is about 4.5 thousand meters. S-400 systems, located at an altitude of about 500 m, will be able to effectively detect aircraft and UAVs over long distances – long before they enter the airspace of the region. But if you place the S-400 at high altitudes, the mountainous terrain may not allow them to detect aircraft flying at an altitude of about 5 km.”

The Indian expert said he was skeptical that China would decide to deploy its next-generation J-20 fighter jets near the borders with India. According to V. Thakur, China might need such airplanes in case of a full-scale war with India, but “China will not gain anything from such a war”:

“In any case, a total war with India would lead to an even greater alienation of China from the rest of the world. Such alienation would be a serious threat to the continued rule of the CPC [Communist Party of China – ed.]”

India is looking at the American F-35 stealth fighter

According to various military sources in India, as well as according to the Chinese publication Sohu, there is a high probability that India will abandon the acquisition of the Russian Su-57 Super Sukhoi and move to the American F-35, reported on July 2.

The high cost of the upgraded version of the Russian Su-57 Super Sukhoi fighter, and the purchase of the basic version of the Indian Air Force is not considered due to the “dampness” of this version.

The Su-57 purchase could be unbearable for India, betting that the first deliveries of this combat aircraft are planned only in five years, in this connection, India began to consider the possibility of acquiring the American F-35A.

According to some reports, the cost of the upgraded version of the Su-57 will vary from 150 to 200 million dollars, and given the fact that India plans to acquire several hundred fifth-generation fighters, it is obvious that we are talking about billions of dollars.

Given that the export value of American F-35s is about 120-140 million dollars, and this combat aircraft was seen performing military operations, India is likely to really abandon Russian fighters.

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Su-57 of the second stage, which is planned to be released in 2024, is the“ real Su-57. At the current stage, the Su-57 can only be considered a pre-production Su-57, and its degree of completion is relatively low. Even the Russian Air Force does not want to receive them in large quantities” experts said.

“At this stage, the Su-57 with a very low degree of readiness will obviously not be accepted by the Indian Air Force, so even if India wants to buy a Su-57 fighter, it will have to wait at least until the second stage fighter appears around 2025. If India wants to buy a fifth-generation car in five years, the F-35A/B is the most ideal choice. The likelihood of buying a Su-57 is very small. As for the value of the Russian export fighter for India, it is inexpedient for the Russians not to demand more than 150 million US dollars.” Sohu reports.

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