Measures are taken to hold meeting with Farid Safarli, arrested in Iran Azerbaijani MFA:

As the press statement made by us dated March 9 notes, since the information about Farid Safarli was submitted to Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, i.e. since March 9, in order to define the fate of the citizen and for the clarification of the issue by the Iranian side, accordingly, a note was addressed to the embassy of Iran in our country, Ednews reports that Azerbaijani MFA told this.
After numerous appeals, the Iranian side said as a response to our note that Farid Safarli was arrested, and a criminal case was launched. Farid Safarli’s family was provided with relevant information in this regard.
“Although Azerbaijan’s diplomatic representation in Iran is limited due to the known terrorist incident, since the first day when the information about Farid Safarli was given, both Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Consulate General in Tabriz are holding discussions with the relevant bodies of Iran.
Moreover, regular contact is made with Farid Safarli’s family and himself. In the near future, our Consulate General in Tabriz is making arrangements for a meeting with Farid Safarli.”